My tips for choosing a name that stands out for your business or your offer

You are about to launch your business or a new offer, and you’re faced with a crucial step: coming up with a catchy name for it. It’s an exciting yet sometimes tricky process, as it lays the foundations for your brand identity. This stage may very well keep you from moving forward with the rest of the creative process, so it’s time to explore some solutions!

Many people have asked me how I do it, so I would like to share my personal tips with you, in hopes that they will be helpful.


Step 1: Start by asking yourself a series of questions to steer your search in the right direction

Do you prefer a name in French or another language?

What words immediately come to mind? These words can be inspired by themes that are dear to you, such as nature, travel, or well-being.

Consider also the atmosphere you wish to convey: do you aim for something serious, relaxed, fun, poetic, elegant, or gentle?


Step 2: Compile a list of keywords that capture the essence of your project

To do this, let yourself be inspired by everything around you. The aim is to find words that embody the values and atmosphere you desire for your brand.
Here are a few ideas and tips for finding inspiration:

  • Explore Spotify or another music platform: look into song titles, lyrics, or even playlist names.
  • Use Pinterest: pay attention to visuals, descriptions, words written on an object, etc.
  • If you like a particular store, you can look at the names of their products or collections, which sometimes can be original. For example, Cabaïa backpacks use names of cities from around the world, and Billabong products have keywords that I love!
  • Identify keywords that differentiate your company from your competitors.


Step 3: Have fun mixing these keywords to create unique combinations

Experimentation is the key here. Don’t limit yourself and explore all the possibilities available to you. 


Here are a few recommendations to help you narrow down your choice:

  • Keep the name simple and easy to remember. Say it out loud to make sure it’s easy to pronounce and recall.
  • Make sure the name is not confusing or misinterpreted in other languages, especially if you are targeting an international audience.
  • Avoid puns that may seem old-fashioned or too specific. Remember that your name must stand the test of time.
  • Check the availability of the domain name to prevent any technical obstacles to your online presence.
  • Finally, don’t hesitate to ask for outside opinions, giving preference to people who represent your target audience (avoid asking your grandmother, for instance 😉).


In conclusion, finding the perfect name for your business or service is a creative process that requires thought and an open mind. Allow your intuition and personal taste to guide you, and remember that this name will be your brand’s first ambassador to your future customers. Best of luck on this exciting adventure!

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