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of consumers consider the visual appearance of a website as their most important criterion for judging the credibility of a company.

(Stanford research)

But to have an impactful website, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the jungle of the web...

And I understand your frustration.
That's why I created "1 Week Webstyle"


This is for you if...

What's included

A WordPress template of your choice, created by me and designed with your clients' satisfaction in mind

Each template is created for your niche and designed to meet your specific needs

6 tutorial sheets to guide you through the entire process

These sheets will enable you to achieve the autonomy needed to provide all the required elements while maintaining consistency and preparing your website for true success

An attractive customized typographic logo (if needed)

Let’s create or refresh your logo to match your brand’s new look!

The setup, customization, and optimization of your website

All you have to do is sip your cocktail. I’ll take care of designing your website to ensure a completely pleasant and stress-free experience!

Training videos to get started with your website

Once you’ve launched your website, you won’t be lost in the jungle, I promise you!

How does it work?

Choose your favorite template

Discover the selection of available templates and choose the one that best fits your needs. Project yourself and let your imagination run wild! Your template will be fully customized to match your graphic universe: your logo, your colors, your images, your content, and much more. 

Schedule an appointment & fill out the form

To join the waiting list, simply schedule an appointment and fill out the form. During this 45-minute discovery call via Zoom, I’ll explain the entire process in detail.

We will then agree on the next steps.


Receive your tutorial guides & Prepare the elements

Once the project is approved, you will receive 6 tutorial sheets to assist you in preparing all the required elements for the creation of your website.

You will be guided to:

Creation of your website in 5 days

After receiving all your elements, your website will be ready to come to life! We will then agree on a start date for the creation process together.

I suggest starting the process on a Monday, so we can celebrate the launch of your site together on Friday!

This exciting week will allow us to bring your vision to life and make your website a memorable success!

Launch & Celebration!

Congratulations! Your brand new website is ready and stunning!

Get ready to shine online and boost your sales! You now have an exceptional platform to attract your audience and propel your business to new heights.

Any questions?
Check out the FAQ below

Choose your style


Boho Dreams

997 €


997 €

personnalisable à l'infini ✹ personnalisable à l'infini ✹ personnalisable à l'infini ✹

Any questions?

Which platform will be used for the creation of my website?

All templates are created on WordPress with the Elementor plugin. It's a website builder that allows you to easily drag and drop elements onto the site, which means you don't need to be a coder.

How can I start the process?

I invite you to schedule an appointment here to ensure that this offer can help you achieve your objectives and that the entire process suits you perfectly.

What preparatory work do I need to do?

Before creating the website, I need all the elements that will be on your site. This includes your photos, your colors, your content, etc. Don't worry, you will be guided through my tutorial sheets that I will send to you by email when the project starts.

Do I need a visual identity before starting?

If you don't have an established visual identity yet, you can use my quick and practical tutorial sheets to style your brand in just a few minutes. Also, if you don't have a logo, I'll provide you with a typographic logo (meaning without an icon) that perfectly matches your website's style. 

How customizable is my template?

Customization includes adapting the template to match your visual identity: we will change the colors, fonts, and content accordingly.

Modifying a section is possible if it involves adding or removing a column, for example.

If you want to add a page or modify the layout, there will be an additional cost.

Are there any additional fees to consider?

Yes! This offer does not include the price of the hosting and domain name (approximately $10/month), the purchase of Elementor Pro ($70.80 including taxes), the use of marketing platforms (newsletters, etc.), as well as the website maintenance (see additional services).

Can we create an e-commerce website?

No, the templates are only optimized for showcase websites. However, you can transform it into an e-commerce website later by yourself or with the assistance of another web designer.

What happens if I need to add new things to my website?

Your website will be built using WordPress and Elementor so that you can easily make your own modifications. You will have access to the dashboard, and I will explain to you how to do it through a training video.

If you have any changes or additional sections to add later on, I recommend that we make these modifications together to ensure that the site remains harmonious and so that we can create sustainable solutions and designs.

I have another question

If you have any further questions, please contact me by email at this address: or book a video call here 


It's Karen behind the screen!

As a Graphic Designer & Web Designer, I am dedicated to helping you create the business of your dreams.

To be honest, I’ve never enjoyed following the norm in many aspects of my life.

These days, I see more and more entrepreneurs who are growing, but also copying their own competitors due to a lack of time, inspiration, or skills. As a result, they struggle to stand out in their market…

My mission is precisely to help you stand out, to spread your message, your story, and make you shine through the power of design. 

In fact, imagining and embellishing a story with visuals, suitable colors, etc., has been my passion since a very young age!

Ready to shine online?

If you're looking for a genuine expert, fully committed to your success, reliable, and dedicated to quality, don't hesitate any longer! Schedule a discovery call now and fill out the form below. We'll discuss your project and the process in detail and I'll answer all your questions.

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