About me

I am committed to your success as a partner

About me

I accompany you in the development of your business through a website that reflects


By helping you to...

Reveal your personality
Communicate strategically
Identify your differentiating factor
Show your professionalism

Hello, it's Karen behing the screen!

Having been self-employed for 3 years, I know, just like you, how complicated it can be when you are starting out.

Our minds overflow with ideas, and we feel the strong desire to show the world what we are capable of.
In short, life as an entrepreneur is exciting but also exhausting and you don’t always know where to start.

As a Brand Designer, I’m deeply passionate about helping companies assert their true identity. To me, corporate communication goes beyond superficial improvements to a website. It’s about authentically expressing who you are.

I was born into it!

As the daughter of two entrepreneurial parents, I can say that my aspiration to become an entrepreneur was not coincidental.

I’ve always been keen to use my artistic skills to help the organizations I was part of.

By the age of 14, I was already taking my first steps on Photoshop, designing my first animated GIFs, and creating my first web pages. Little did I know, these early experiences were laying the foundation for my future career as a graphic designer!

While I was thinking about my future, someone finally explained to me that what I was passionate about… was an actual job! Without hesitation, I enrolled in a French Advanced Technician’s Certificate (BTS) program in computer graphics and web design.

At that point, I realized that communication was a vast field that still held great opportunities for me. So I went on to do a master’s degree to become an expert in digital strategy.

This period gave me the opportunity to undertake internships in communication agencies, as well as a 2-year apprenticeship with an advertiser. These experiences offered me two distinct yet complementary perspectives, fostering a cross-disciplinary approach to my job.

My passion, dedication, and sense of responsibility have always been recognized and valued. As proof of this, when I was just 14, I enthusiastically managed a group of 40 majorettes. This highlights how passionate and committed I am!

The adventure is worth it!

Finally, travel is an important part of my life. For me, it’s an opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures and new perspectives on life. It’s also a daily source of inspiration that fuels my creativity.

Whether it’s for entrepreneurship or travel, the journey is long and full of things to discover.

Adventure is what motivates me every day!

My values

What guides me every day

Simplicity through humility

I’m not here to sell you dreams. You can count on me to provide personalized support and professional commitment to help your business take off.

Quality through quality relationships

My greatest satisfaction is yours, as well as that of your clients. I believe that an effective working relationship should be a positive and open-minded experience. That’s what I expect from our collaboration.


Differentiation through personality

I believe that each person is unique and has their own area of brilliance. It’s our differences and personalities that define us as individuals.

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Tel : 06 59 38 99 92 (joignable uniquement sur Whatsapp) 
Mail : bonjour@karengroc.com