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How to stand out online and give your website personality!

In a time where everything can be done via templates and AI, isn’t it essential to stand out and authentically showcase your identity on your website? Sure, using ready-made solutions is convenient, but it makes you look like everyone else. Why not highlight your unique personality and create a visual universe that truly represents you?

Personally, I’ve always felt that little push inside me to not follow the crowd. In both my professional and personal life, I’ve preferred to carve my own path, stepping off the beaten track. Today, I realize that this mindset has often worked to my advantage—and to be honest, I’m quite proud of it!

This is the subject I wanted to address in this article, because I’m tired of seeing designers following current trends in logos, visual identity, websites, and so on. I increasingly see graphic styles becoming so minimalist that they end up resembling the blank walls of a hospital! Logos look alike, and often, personalities are not highlighted.

My goal as a graphic designer and web designer is not to create the same website as everyone else following current trends. My mission is to help you stand out, because I deeply believe that your personality is just waiting to be revealed to the world! It’s by asserting it that your business will achieve the greatest success. Think of Barbie, whose immense popularity is due to her unique and easily recognizable universe. So, why not create an equally distinctive and memorable universe for your brand?

I’ve gathered here some tips to help you define or enhance your personal branding through various methods. Follow the guide and unleash your creativity!

Create a unique visual universe: start with a concept

The idea here is to define a concept or theme to your brand and play with it. Choose something that resonates with you. Imagine giving your business an identity as if you were designing your own home. As you step inside, every aspect reflects this theme: the colors, the decor, and much more.

Here are some concept ideas to inspire you:

  • Nature,
  • Travel or a specific country that inspires you. For example, my client Doucely Bien-être drew inspiration from the Asian culture to create her visual identity (you can visit her website here:,
  • Adventure, discovery,
  • Poetry,
  • Photography,
  • Music: are you more into rock? Or disco?
  • Spirituality, cosmic themes, …

Be creative, be yourself! What are your passions? What motivates you? You can also ask yourself: what do you consider most important and naturally share with others? How does your business make a positive impact on the world, and what symbolizes this contribution?

Alright, have you found some ideas? Now, let me explain to you how to use this concept as the foundation for your personal branding!

Give life to your concept using high-quality images

Once you’ve defined a concept for your brand, your website is the perfect place to reflect it and have fun with images! Your choice of images becomes a direct reflection of your brand, so why not play the game to ensure your audience notices you and remembers you?

Here are two methods to implement your concept through high-quality images:

  • Use free stock image libraries:

Choose images that resonate with your concept and embody your brand’s essence. Make sure the selected images maintain consistency in terms of color tones (warm or cool), ambiance, and more. For example, if your concept embraces a natural theme with tropical plants and atmosphere, avoid cold colors or AI-generated visuals that may not align with the universe you aim to create.

For instance, for my client Doucely Bien-être, whose concept centered around the Asian universe, we used many images of cherry blossoms to enhance the serene and harmonious ambiance:

  • Organize a photo shoot:

I highly recommend this method to obtain images that are 100% unique and authentic, perfectly aligned with your concept. However, organizing a photo shoot requires careful preparation and cannot be improvised: you must consider the choice of location, outfits, accessories, lighting, etc.

For instance, my client Doucely Bien-être organized a photo shoot dressed in a kimono, surrounded by Asian decorations and accessories representative of this culture (teapot, low table, Japanese umbrella). In doing so, she created a distinctive universe, HER universe! See for yourself:

To assist you in organizing your own photo shoot and making your website irresistible, check out my detailed tutorial sheet!

By using these methods, you’ll be able to bring your concept to life and captivate your audience with images that will leave a lasting impression on them.

Now, let’s go further: because infusing personality into your website also involves crafting its content!

Strengthen your concept through your website’s content

Content is undoubtedly the key element that will reinforce your concept and make you even more unique. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out!

To achieve this, here are two things to consider:

  • Use specific terminology related to your concept:

Compile a list of keywords that resonate with your concept and integrate them throughout all your content. This will strengthen your brand identity and contribute to creating a cohesive experience for your audience.

However, be mindful not to overdo it and stay true to your main topic. Keep your ideas on track! It’s crucial that your audience doesn’t confuse your services with those of another company linked to a similar concept.

  • Define your tone of voice:

Your tone of voice is a crucial element of your brand identity. It reflects your company’s personality and influences how your message is perceived by your audience. Determine whether your tone is:

  • Serious or humorous,
  • Playful/simple or expert,
  • Classic or poetic.

By choosing a tone that aligns with your concept and your target audience, you’ll enhance the authenticity of your brand and create a deeper connection with your audience.

By applying these tips, you’ll add another dimension to your visual universe and provide a unique experience for your visitors. You can also go further in your content by adding more personal touches that will help create a bond with your visitors. Let’s explore this further.

Share anecdotes to connect with your audience

When you are at a party, sharing anecdotes helps establishing connections with guests, right? Well, the same applies to your website.

In your website content, feel free to be creative and fully yourself by sharing personal stories alongside more formal lines. These personal narratives humanize your brand and strengthen the connection with your audience.

For instance, I like to include a “5 fun facts about me” section on the “About” page of the websites I design, to give clients a glimpse into the spirit behind the work of the entrepreneur.

Now it’s up to you!

Choose unique names for your offers

Just like perfumes, you can give original and evocative names to your offers. This ensures a guaranteed impact on your audience!

For example, I’ve personally chosen to name my offers: Evasion, Adventure and All-Inclusive, to give them a travel dimension that aligns with my branding.

Many famous brands successfully apply this strategy, like Cabaia. This French brand draws inspiration from adventure and travel to name its various ranges of backpacks, such as Adventurer, Explorer, Starter, etc. Cabaia goes further by assigning each model the name of a city: each backpack becomes an ambassador for a destination, creating a connection with customers and allowing the company to stand out and assert its originality (

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, also follows this strategy with sofas and armchairs often named after Swedish cities or villages, like the “Ektorp” or “Karlstad” sofa. By the way, who doesn’t smile when pronouncing these names?

So, what distinctive and memorable names will you give to your offers to strengthen your brand identity?

Let your imagination run wild!


Be bold and let your creativity shine! Remember, nothing is set in stone, and your visual universe can evolve and transform over time.

If you’re interested in discussing your branding and exploring how to implement it concretely, I would love to assist you in a discovery call. Together, we can bring your vision to life and create a visual universe that truly represents you.

Don’t wait any longer to make your brand shine and leave a lasting impression!



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