3 tips to enhance your personal branding

Today, I’ve taken on the challenge of explaining to you in a simple and entertaining way the best definition of personal branding, along with a few tips on how to enhance it simply and effectively.

In fact, as I write these lines, I’m wondering how to define personal branding without turning the description into an ultra-cold and boring Wikipedia page?

Let’s take the example of a singer.

If I ask you to think about Lady Gaga, what comes to mind in a few seconds? I’m sure you’ll immediately have certain images popping into your head: eccentricity, fiery temperament, a woman committed to causes (her meat dress, are we talking about that?), and so on.

In the blink of an eye, you’ve put words to define her very precisely, even though you don’t know her personally. Pretty effective personal branding, don’t you think?

So what exactly is personal branding?

We all have a trademark that makes us unique. The way you dress, your style (whether it’s rock, chill, or suit and tie), your way of speaking (humorous, calm, serious, loud, with a local accent, etc.), all these distinctive elements help to express your personality. Some people will like it, while others may not be as fond of it. But the most important thing is that you’re showing the real you!

If you think of it in terms of a brand, it’s a bit like your reputation, an image that you project so that even complete strangers who have never met you can understand at a glance who you are, what you do, and will help ensure that you are remembered!

At a time when your audience’s attention span is measured in seconds, staying in people’s immediate memory is a great asset, and it’s crucial to focus on this aspect of your business to stand out from your competitors.

So here are 3 tips, thoughtfully selected by your favorite graphic designer, to help you enhance your personal branding!


1. It may sound silly, but… Be yourself!

The aim is to show your true self to stand out from the crowd and enjoy what you do!

Forget about “I have to do this because I’ve been told that…”. It’s time for freedom of expression! The era of corporate conformity is over, and we now favor novelty and daring concepts that think outside the box!

So, if you’re a prankster, a bit prickly, or known for being whole-hearted, then make that your best asset! Often, it’s your flaws (or sometimes your strengths) that make you unique and, most importantly, AUTHENTIC!

Moreover, remember that authenticity breeds trust, and customers are more likely to connect with a brand that stays true to its values and personality.

And here’s an added bonus… it’s an empowering way to make communication more enjoyable!


2. Tell your story

Have you ever noticed how much more confidence you have in a company that has been recommended to you? Have you even chosen a company over its competitors simply because you knew the founder’s story?

If so, it’s no surprise – we’re human, and we tend to trust human beings.

So here’s a tip you can apply to social networking in particular:

Use your personal account (not your vacation snaps!) to share your entrepreneurial updates. You can discuss your business and include links to your company’s account or website.

Be transparent by showing both your personal and professional life – your daily routines, your experiences as a parent, your challenges, and of course, your day-to-day professional life.

Your audience will have the opportunity to discover what goes on behind the scenes of your company and they will be able to connect with your personality. This fosters trust in the products or services you offer.

One account I’d recommend for inspiration is that of the founder of Respire, justinehutteau. @justinehutteau


3. Stand out with a unique detail

Another practical yet non-essential way of making yourself unique is by incorporating a small physical detail that people will always associate with you.

For instance, this could be a dominant color in your wardrobe or an original accessory that you wear consistently, such as glasses, a hat, earrings, and so on.

Who could forget John Lennon’s round glasses or Karl Lagerfeld’s fingerless gloves?

For example: imagine you’re attending a networking event and your brand’s visual identity is predominantly fuchsia pink. Consider wearing a fuchsia pink T-shirt that evening. You’ll become known and remembered as “the woman in the fuchsia pink T-shirt,” leaving a lasting impression.

Of course, there’s no need to go to extremes. Even if you don’t have a signature accessory, don’t worry—it’s not everything! 


Without going to the extreme of becoming the next Lady Gaga, you can assert your personality and turn it into a strength for your company! Putting a face behind your company logo can make it much easier to connect with your audience! Remember, it takes time and you have to be willing to talk about yourself (even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone) on a regular basis.

 You’ll get there! 😊

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